My showreel from 2014, containing a mix of different motion design projects

Learning 3D is a part of my current obligation to DMJX. This project was my first take on a 3D solution. We were given a name, had to do a bit of research, make a 2D logo and the next day we were told to make it come alive in Cinema 4D. This is the final result of my first encounter with Cinema 4D.


For this assignment we did a near future setting. The idea is that the brand new phones now can show holographic images of the person you are talking to. We were 4 people working on this assignment for 2 days. We did everything from capture, green screen, compositing, video edit, color grading, 3D animation, graphic design and UI. Very fun and challenging, but also a very short assignment. Nevertheless, it was rewarding.

Mads Naumann -
Glen Jensen -
Sophie Kano


We were asked to make a intro-pitch for a new TV-Show on TV2 Zulu (Danish Network). The program is about giving two comedians $20,000 and have them spend the cash in 24 hours. But there is a catch, the participants would be dropped off in remote places where money is hard to spend, such as the jungle, in a dessert or the North Pole. This project was done in collaboration with Jesper Klingsøe. We mutually came up with the idea. We brainstormed, storyboarded and decided a look and feel for the project. Then Jesper did the 3D and I worked on sounds, logo, lower third, color grading and the video edit. Even though we only had 2 day to execute we think we came up with something that we can be really proud of.

Jesper Klingsøe -


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