CLIENT 2nd year finals / Interactive Design, DMJX       YEAR 2014           ROLE Logo, web, print, motion

For the two year final exams we were given the client Danish Rockmuseum. The task was to do research, focus groups, collect data and use it for rebranding and repositioning the Danish Rockmuseum. It was a three week assignment. The first week we researched and wrote a detailed report on the brand’s market positioning. The second week we revamped the brand´s visual identity accordingly to the findings of our research. Finally, we made an incredible logo animation and one minute infospot that would work as an appetizer for the museum. This is the final result, the grade given was 12, or an A. This is what I handed in. Scroll down to see the info spot and the logo animation.

The assets created for the project

The project needed a teaser trailer, which I made with the drummer from the legendary danish band Gasolin.

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