CLIENT Bachelor Project / Interactive Design, DMJX           YEAR 2015           ROLE Logo, web, print, motion, 3D 

3 years of studying Interactive Design culminated with my Bachelor-Project. We could choose whatever subject we found interesting and after some ideation I came up with an idea for making a new and different take on a city guide. The whole project lasted 3 months, I made alot of research, wrote a report and visualized the product by designing it, making prototypes and a case video. I liked the project from the start, I felt compelled to do a good product and design and I spend almost all my time on it and i paid off. After presenting my project the teachers and censors gave me an A+ because of the high quality of my product.


The assets made to visualise the idea.

´╗┐The logo concept.

Logo animation, the logo is dynamic and can end up different way, the outlines symbolises the paths you can walk in a city, and since all the lines can be generated randomly, the logo can have random endpoints.

Part of the assignment was to document the process which I chose to do with a short video.

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